DIY Stepping Stones

Materials Needed:

  • Fine concrete
  • Cardboard tubing (10-12 inches in diameter)
  • Rubber doormat with a fun design
  • Pam cooking spray or oil & paintbrush
  • Chalk pencil
  • Saw
  • Level board covered in plastic wrap or tin foil


  1. Cut cardboard tubing into 3 inch rings using saw.
  2. Using the chalk pencil, outline rings onto doormat.
  3. Spray Pam or brush oil over the covered board and the insides of the rings. Place rings on leveled board.
  4. Mix concrete with water until it forms a thick putty.
  5. Pour concrete into rings until full. Let sit 45 minutes.
  6. While concrete is setting, cut and oil doormat pieces.
  7. Gently push doormat pieces into the tops of your cardboard rings.
  8. Let sit for 24-48 hours, until concrete has completely hardened. The oil will allow you to peel off the doormat pieces and slide the stepping stone out of the tubing.
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